Tri-County Blizzard League


This fun winter league is designed for every type of shooter.  From beginners to our well-seasoned veterans, it is an experience for everyone.  This is a 25 bird league, where you can go out and shoot as many rounds as you want and your best score of the day is what counts.  It's a great league for you to keep in practice throughout the winter months and also an excellent opportunity to introduce new shooters to the sport.  With our recent winters, you could be shooting in a t-shirt one weekend and two weekends later it could look like the picture you see here.  It is challenging and a lot of fun.

There are seven clubs that make up the league:  Bergen, Brockport, Holley, Mumford, Oatka, Albion and York  You do not have to be a member of any club to shoot.  You can sign up under any of the participating clubs.  This is a great way for you to support your local clubs in the area.  Shooting times are Saturdays from 8am - 1pm.  Click below for schedule and rules.

Again for this year is a TCBL Scratch Score Prize of a case of shells.  Each week the secretary will keep track of each shooters first score shot at each club to determine a scratch average.  The top 10 scratch scores will be used.  Ties will be decided using the 11th score, 12th score and then the trophy shoot score if needed.  To be eligible you must physically make at least 10 of the shoots to qualify.  Make-ups and Shoot-aheads will not count towards your scratch average.